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 New In-game events

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PostSubject: New In-game events   Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:03 pm

Good day GM, Admins, Staff,

I have here some few suggestions to make more game exciting and fun.

-While GM, Admins, Staff fixing kundun respawn time (I HOPE THAT THIS ISSUE ARE STILL FIXING) why dont you guys add some in-game events like SCRAMBLE WORDS and BRING ME events which they can win JEWELS or PC Points(this excludes the GM events) or to be more specific, make these two like Happy Hour, Blue Event, etc. event.

for example: (This is for SCRAMBLE WORDS) Server shows a jumbled letter, and if player got it right, server will automatically drop a Jewel near him, that no one else can loot that drop or maybe if PC points, it will automatically add on his current PC points.

and for BRING ME event: Server will release an NPC(which they(participants) can bring the item of what server will require.) So, after the participants bring the required item, Server will automatically drop a jewel near him or if its a PC points it will automatically add on his current PC points

Im having a hard time speaking in english so guys, sorry for my bad english.
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♥ Cookie Monster ♥

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PostSubject: Re: New In-game events   Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:11 am

Well actually this is a good idea and i agree to it but since we have alot of GMs and TGM's who are active daily and do similar events to these i think that adding an in-game event isn't very necessary.

First because GMs do alot of store events and do events in which the prize is up to you. So for example you win on an event made by a GM and he/she asks you which item you want from WEBSHOP you can simply choose the item ,which in this case since you want, is jewels or anythign else. TGMs do these sort of events Smile

and Second, you can hunt jewels from lorencia spot with the help of MU Helper. This way you can level up,do gr and get credits aswell as PC points for every rr you do. AND with all this you get jewels aswell. so its a win-win here XD

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New In-game events
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