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 General Merchant Mu Rules and Regulations

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General Merchant Mu Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: General Merchant Mu Rules and Regulations   General Merchant Mu Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeWed Jul 23, 2014 1:28 pm


  *We are NOT responsible for the security of your account name and password. Players must take drastic measures to protect their accounts. This simply means,   never log in any of your account and password information to a Non Merchant Mu Website. Never ever give anyone else your log in  information. The moment you give away your login info or personal information you gave him/her all the items that you have, including the account itself. Infraction  of this rule is done at your own risk.

  *All information related to your account(s) is a property of the server(s) owner.

  *Refunds Policy - Merchant Mu Administrator(s) and GM(s) will NOT be held responsible for any lost / disappeared / missing / stolen items. Whatever the cause maybe we will never refund or give back any lost items.

  * Killing on leveling Spots is prohibited. 1st Offense= 3 days Character Ban. 2nd Offense= 7 days Character Ban. 3rd offense= Permanent Character ban
*(Characters/IGN and Guilds must NOT contain Administrator and GM nicknames. You may not impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of the Merchant Mu staffs. If caught posing as an Admin or GM you will be banned permanently.

   Below are the names that are NOT allowed in-game / forum
      - Admin
      - STAFF
      - GameMaster (GM)


   *Cheating, such as item duping, speed hacking, intelligent bots, are forbidden!
   *Attacking the game server or the website based on features of the internet communications (for example, DOS-attacks) – will result to I.P. address permanent banned.
   * Do not use offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, ethnical and/or other objectionable, pejorative and/or derogatory language toward users. This will get you banned according toAdmin/Staff decision[/left]

   *Hacking Merchant Mu website, game client and abusing server bugs will result I.P. address permanent banned

   *No abusing ranking systems. Example: making fake guild wars. This will also result to permanent banned with parole.

   * Advertising MU hacks, hacks web pages, other MU Servers, 3rd Party Programs, or sites involving money making are not allowed and will not be tolerated and leads to perma - ban.

   *Anyone who dares to assist any person or players in-game who breaks the rules will also be given a permanent ban. (For example: If you give your assistance to someone who is selling their items for real money and this person was reported on forum will be ban. Assistance by saying "You got reported on forum so I suggest you to move your items to a new account". If you say that to a rule breaker then YOU will be ban!

   *Personal negative attacks to the Admin(s), GM(s) and server(s) will not be tolerated. Merchant Mu staff are doing as best as they can to better serve you to fix bugs and assist you with any inquiries or questions you may encounter in-game. The kinds of punishment for disrespecting Merchant Mu staff are Character Ban, Account Ban, I.P. Address Ban (Permanent).

*Killing Players ( Specially Newbies ) On Leveling Spot may result to 7 days Banned.

*Using Pet Skills to Attack player(s) Wearing tier2 Sets may result to 7 days Banned.

  - We thank you for donating to our server(s) and that we are able to enhance our server(s) for the better. However, there are rules to be listed.

   *Any donation made is non-refundable. We do not refund any kinds of donations.

   *If you have donated once or 100 times, it doesn't matter, you are still equal with any other player(s) who hasn't donated at all.

   *Donators don't have more importance in what they say than any other players. This means, that every donators are to be treated equally the same as non-donators.

   *If rules are broken donators can also be banned easily just like any players
   *f for any reason a donator gets banned, all items in his account(s) will be blocked along with the account. It will also not be returned to him/her under any circumstances.


- P.S: This is a FREE PLAY private server. We do things differently than any other server(s). If you despise the game, staffs or the game settings then please feel free to leave.


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General Merchant Mu Rules and Regulations
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